Runny Egg Omelet with Shrimps

Shrimps Runny Egg Omelet with Shrimps!!!



3 eggs (or if you want to use less egg than this, it’s truly fine though)

Shrimps – peeled and deveined, cut into pieces or lengthy cut from head to tail.

Soy sauce

Optional ingredients

Thinly sliced onion

Grated carrot

Chopped spring onion

This is one of many comfort dishes that I love to cook, and my family love to eat

The way to do it is really easy

First you need to cook the shrimps into a half-cooked shrimps by pan sear them quickly

Or if you want to deep fry them, you can also do that too.

But you need lots of oil for deep fry. So if you want to cook it healthier, just pan sear them.

Beat your eggs; just stir them until they mix well, careful not to make bubbles.

Put veggies of your choice in with the egg.

Put a pan on a stove, oil in just enough to coat the pan, wait until the oil’s hot.

Pour your prepared egg into a pan, follow with shrimp, lower the heat to medium, and lift the pan and circling the pan to make the egg ‘runny’ all over.

Shake the pan to make sure the egg doesn’t stick to the pan. Make sure you’re quick enough to not over cook it and it turns into an omelet!

Serve the egg on top of rice with chopped spring onion or coriander.


Once the egg is in the heated pan, it’ll start cooking really quickly, so once it starts to thicken, just turn off the heat to prevent from overcooked runny egg omelet.

If you don’t succeed in your first time, keep doing it, it will get better in time!!

It took me some times to finally make it



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