Malakor Pad Kai (Green papaya stir fried with egg)


If you’re familiar with Thai food, you must have heard of Somtam (or Thai spicy papaya salad) before and it’s the green papaya that we use to make Somtam. But not only green papaya can be used as a main ingredient for Somtam,  we also use green papaya to cook Kang Som, or in this recipe that I’m about to blog about; Malakor Pad Kai. (Malakor = papaya, Pad = stir fry, Kai = egg)

Many of you might not have heard of it before, but it’s one of our comfort food in Thailand (or must I say, old-generation comfort food since Thai kids these days aren’t familiar with it anymore!)

Anyway, enough of it, let’s get to the cooking point


1 green papaya – grated, if you’re cooking for a small portion just use 1 – 3 cups. (for me, I use the whole thing, just because we love it so much)

4 eggs – 2 eggs/ 3 cups (for me, I use 4 egg/1 whole grated green papaya)

Oil – I use olive oil

Salt and soy sauce to taste

How I cook it

Ready the skillet, oil in, turn the heat up, wait until the oil is hot then you put grated papaya in.

Fry them, toss them, put a little of soy sauce onto the hot skillet so you’ll hear it makes a hissing sound (zhee, zhee!)

I like doing this as I season what I’m cooking, apart from the hissing sound that I like, also it’s about the aroma when soy sauce evaporate when it meets the hot skillet. It gives better aroma, but that’s just my opinion though!

Fry until papaya starts to change colour, or transparent then make room for eggs by make a hole in the skillet.

Crack eggs in the hole, and quickly stir it to mix with the papaya.

Add soy sauce (or salt) to taste

Cook until the egg’s done then it’s ready to serve!


I put salt in the grated papaya a few minutes before start cooking. Maybe it’s just my own thoughts but I feel that salt draws out the natural sweetness in green papaya and with this, you don’t even have to add sugar to it at all.

Also if you like your stir fried papaya to be a bit dry, cook it longer. And when you look it longer, some of the grated papaya will turn brown-ish, and this gives the toasted aroma that I really love

Last but not least, if you want to make it a non-vegetarian dish, just add meat of your choice – but I’d recommended chicken or pork, they go well with this dish.


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