Stir fried aubergine with pork ribs in soy bean sauce // มะเขือยาวผัดเต้าเจี้ยว

I cooked this dish last week and it turned out wonderfully well so I thought I’d share it here 🙂 plus it is a quick dish and very easy to do too 🙂 Ingredients 4  aubergines Pork ribs (marinated or not marinated, really is up to you though, but I like mine marinated cause the […]

Sauteed Water Spinach! ผัดผักบุ้ง ตากุ้งยิง

Hi all! It’s been a very busy day today! I’ve been running around doing errands for nonstop! So little time to prepare ingredients so I came up with this very quick dish at 7pm. (Tired already and hungry too and just wanted to eat!) Sauteed Water Spinach! Ingredients 1 handful-grab of the whole water spinach […]