This spicy rub recipe is nothing like bbq spicy marinade sauce I’ve experienced before. This one is, again, a perfect combination of east meet west; A little bit of Thai touch mingling with the western world.   By the way, I’ve try this spicy rub with both pork ribs and with chicken wings and the […]

Steamed pork ribs in soy bean sauce, Cantonese style

 Since I’m half Cantonese  (My dad is Cantonese and mom is a mix of Thai-Indian and Mon people) and because my dad requested it!! so today I’m going to introduce one of Cantonese dish that now has become (another) everyone’s favorite dish. Ingredients Over-night marinated pork ribs (using ‘the 3 musketeers’ + soy sauce + mirin + flour + […]

Stir fried aubergine with pork ribs in soy bean sauce // มะเขือยาวผัดเต้าเจี้ยว

I cooked this dish last week and it turned out wonderfully well so I thought I’d share it here 🙂 plus it is a quick dish and very easy to do too 🙂 Ingredients 4  aubergines Pork ribs (marinated or not marinated, really is up to you though, but I like mine marinated cause the […]