Malakor Pad Kai (Green papaya stir fried with egg)

If you’re familiar with Thai food, you must have heard of Somtam (or Thai spicy papaya salad) before and it’s the green papaya that we use to make Somtam. But not only green papaya can be used as a main ingredient for Somtam,  we also use green papaya to cook Kang Som, or in this recipe […]

Nam Prik Num! (Traditional Thai Chili Paste) Traditional Thai Dish that isn’t as spicy as it sounds

Nam Prik Num (Traditional Thai chili paste) I won’t make this post so long since it’s a very simple dish to cook 🙂 Don’t feel taken aback by the word chili because this dish isn’t all that spicy! Using only simple ingredients and easy cooking method and it’s all good to go! Ingredients are long […]

Runny Egg Omelet with Shrimps

Shrimps Runny Egg Omelet with Shrimps!!! Ingredients 3 eggs (or if you want to use less egg than this, it’s truly fine though) Shrimps – peeled and deveined, cut into pieces or lengthy cut from head to tail. Soy sauce Optional ingredients Thinly sliced onion Grated carrot Chopped spring onion This is one of many […]

Pineapple vs Pork ribs, seriously?

There are many dishes that combine fruits and meaty meat together and still taste wonderful. This pineapple vs pork ribs is one of them! Sweetly Pineapple Soup, traditional Thai dish ‘OMG, it’s gonna be a really complicated recipe! I bet it’s gonna take forever to cook!’ These thoughts might pop up to your mind when […]

Hmmm… ‘Yummm’! Spicy salad dressing, Thai style

If you’re on your diet and looking for an alternative healthy salad dressing, I have this one that would be just perfect for you! It’s a spicy salad dressing, Thai style or as we call in Thai ‘Yum’. If you don’t know what it tastes like.. well, it’s sour, salty but a little bit sweet […]

My Signature Dish : Grilled Lemongrass Chicken!

My family loves chicken, oh well, who else doesn’t?! We are all familiar with grilled turmeric chicken, but then I want to try something different. This recipe first came accidentally. This idea happened when I found some left over lemongrass and chicken in the fridge, gave it an over-night of thinking, and voila! Grilled Lemongrass Chicken! […]

My Signature Dish : Grilled Eryngii in Spicy Salad, Thai Style

I love mushrooms, and eryngii mushroom is one of my favorite mushrooms of all time! I love their texture, a little bit gooey, and their sweet hidden taste when you cook them. However, my family doesn’t really appreciate this gooey-bit of mushroom that much so I have to find a way to persuade them to […]

“The Three Musketeers” (No, this is not a post about the movie)

I’ve mentioned a lot about ‘the three musketeers’ when I write about food that needs to marinate. In fact, many Thai recipes that require marinade always use it. Whether it’s pork, chicken, beef or any other kind of red meat But why do I name it ‘the three musketeers’? Firstly, there are three ingredients; coriander […]