Pineapple vs Pork ribs, seriously?

There are many dishes that combine fruits and meaty meat together and still taste wonderful. This pineapple vs pork ribs is one of them! Sweetly Pineapple Soup, traditional Thai dish ‘OMG, it’s gonna be a really complicated recipe! I bet it’s gonna take forever to cook!’ These thoughts might pop up to your mind when […]

My Signature Dish : Grilled Eryngii in Spicy Salad, Thai Style

I love mushrooms, and eryngii mushroom is one of my favorite mushrooms of all time! I love their texture, a little bit gooey, and their sweet hidden taste when you cook them. However, my family doesn’t really appreciate this gooey-bit of mushroom that much so I have to find a way to persuade them to […]

Sauteed Water Spinach! ผัดผักบุ้ง ตากุ้งยิง

Hi all! It’s been a very busy day today! I’ve been running around doing errands for nonstop! So little time to prepare ingredients so I came up with this very quick dish at 7pm. (Tired already and hungry too and just wanted to eat!) Sauteed Water Spinach! Ingredients 1 handful-grab of the whole water spinach […]